It seems as if every other vehicle that drives down my road is a plow truck. Some of them doing it for money, and some of them clearly just for fun. Example being the one man in a blue truck that felt the need to plow the sidewalks with his street plow, piling the snow in huge mounds leaving it un-walkable. The land becomes increasingly whiter everyday while the ocean storms on remaining its rich blue-green-grey.
This is just a little update from my window.

Love Birdie

The day greeted me with sunshine.
I was pretty much blinded when I first opened my eyes, because the sun was beating right through my curtains. With a big stretch as if to give the day a welcome hug, I grabbed my camera and set off for a walk.
It was cold, but I was so fascinated by the world around me enough not to really notice that the feeling in my fingers had escaped them. And then only did I realize when I went to snap the shutter for an amazing shot, my finger was motionless, uncontrollable and utterly frozen to the bone. This is the excuse I have for these photos not being the most in focus. Due to extreme chill it became a highly difficult task to focus the lens in time for Action-Birdie-Shots. =D my fav! So these are just a little bundle of photos I have for today. Enjoy.

yes of course I had to throw some of my cat in here. She's beautiful, photogenic and I just couldn't resist!

I will be posting these all year round. Just photos I take out my window. =] Very excited about living in Gloucester!

On my walk home I came across this man at the end of my street. He was set up perfectly on the corner. Totally excited to talk to an artist I asked him if he would mind having his photograph taken. He nodded and said it would be fine.
I talked to him for a little while, about how the light was today and facts about Gloucester. His name is Jeff and he has been coming to this little corner 4 or 5 times in the past couple weeks to finish this painting of the boulevard. He has a gallery in down town that I am excited to check out.
"so you paint Gloucester?" I ask
"yep, thats what I do." he said with a smile.
It was good to see someone so happy doing something they love. Even through the bitter air. He was bundled up just right unaffected by the cold.

Digital paintings.
Printed as is, no photoshop help.
Camera is my paint brush, and this is what happens. =D