testing this blog This is me I don't think the photo adding worked.
Hey I just got my domain hooked up to my site officially!
About time hahaa. check it out www.jennarationphotography.com

These are some transfers I've been doing to keep myself from going nuts looking at a computer for too long. Working with digital medium can get to you after a while and give you the urge to get a little messy.
NOTE: these are not meant to be diptics, I was just trying to save room on the blog. These are also documented via mobile photo hahaha so the quality is far less than exceptional. My apologies

This is something that I am going to be working on for a while now I think. Being stuck in one area of work is difficult especially when the pressure is on and deadlines and creeping up. I need a breath of fresh air, so I am working on photo composites and collages. These are just a couple that I am working on at the moment, however these are not in anyway a finished product. Process work is good to post sometimes too. I'd love your input!
I did a shoot for a band last week for this article! http://mysecretboston.com/hearin-the-hub/names-and-games

Well, today I'm updating my studio at school. I have been under a lot of pressure to get new work up on the walls the past couple weeks but I am so thankful that I had time to get a lot of work done. Still keep an eye out on here for new work as I am always progressing and experimenting, and if you are in the Beverly area stop by my studio at 301 cabot street to see prints and my random nothings that lay around there. =]
I will be working on my new artist statement for the work I am doing now since I'm heading down another road, however I am going to try and tie it all together in the end with my portraiture and my Away With the Wind series.

Hope all is well with everyone!


I out a crinkled plastic baggy over the lens and this is what I got.
I think its interesting looking back on all my selfportaits that they are usually always in black and white and have this sad undertone.
Just a disclaimer: I'm fine haha.
This is the view out the window where I was staying.
We took a trip up Mulholland Drive where you could see absolutely everything...aside from the smog covering up bits.

There I am. =]
Tree Houses?

The sun set in Santa Monica was incredible. We watched it while we ate pretzels and funnel cake on the pier.

At one point here we had to go pee.... and ended up going into a super fancy hotel with the most luxurious bathrooms ever. and we looked like total crazies.

Oh, and then there is this guy. He's kind of important.

I arrived back home yesterday from a glorious week in California. A much needed vacation that involved, clubbing, music, traveling, eating out, cooking, sunshine, drinking, and over all the best week of my life.
Here are some photos that give you peek into my trip, although they do it no justice. =]

I came away from this shoot with a mighty headache and some awesome photos =]. To me, it was well worth it.

This is my current series that I'm working on during seminar.
I'm extremely excited about them!

These are part of a series I'm doing for a local music bar that is opening up. i'm really honored to be a featured artist there, not only on the walls but on stage! I'll be posting up some info on the bar when it opens! so keep your eye out.

Finally jumping back on the portrait wagon!

I haven't done some in a while, so here is what I came out with this shoot.

The ocean winds howl on no matter the weather.
Today was a simple one for shooting. The flag captured my attention for a long period of time... the span of time that afterward makes you think "gee, i was looking at that for a while..."
There are some cool images of my window screen that I thought was interesting. Also while I was dilly-dallying around the computer I saw this old couple walking along the boulevard and I quickly snapped a shot. <3

It seems as if every other vehicle that drives down my road is a plow truck. Some of them doing it for money, and some of them clearly just for fun. Example being the one man in a blue truck that felt the need to plow the sidewalks with his street plow, piling the snow in huge mounds leaving it un-walkable. The land becomes increasingly whiter everyday while the ocean storms on remaining its rich blue-green-grey.
This is just a little update from my window.

Love Birdie