This is the view out the window where I was staying.
We took a trip up Mulholland Drive where you could see absolutely everything...aside from the smog covering up bits.

There I am. =]
Tree Houses?

The sun set in Santa Monica was incredible. We watched it while we ate pretzels and funnel cake on the pier.

At one point here we had to go pee.... and ended up going into a super fancy hotel with the most luxurious bathrooms ever. and we looked like total crazies.

Oh, and then there is this guy. He's kind of important.

I arrived back home yesterday from a glorious week in California. A much needed vacation that involved, clubbing, music, traveling, eating out, cooking, sunshine, drinking, and over all the best week of my life.
Here are some photos that give you peek into my trip, although they do it no justice. =]

I came away from this shoot with a mighty headache and some awesome photos =]. To me, it was well worth it.